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Our products are used by a wide range of customers. Most of our clients work in four main sectors:


The manufacture of rubber and rubber / metal parts for the automotive sector both nationally and internationally is a large percentage of our business here at MGV. Commonly used compounds include CR, NBR and EPDM as well as silicon rubber VMQ or fluoride rubber FKM for its resistance to high temperatures. Automotive products that we produce here at MGV include: standard seals such as O-Rings, rotary shaft seals with or without stiffening ring and spring element, rod and piston seals of type U/UM/DI/DE, rubber scrapers and axial seals including V-Rings. Other items we produce for this sector include bellows, cable guides, holders and tie rods made of rubber and metal rubber, buttons and covers for buttons.

Household appliance

Compounds commonly used for household appliances EPDM and silicon VMQ. Common products in this sector include bellows, cable guides, holders, tie rods, seals, buttons and covers for buttons.


The use of rubber and rubber metal parts in the industrial field is important for MGV, we have extensive technical experience and we are experts in the study of rubber standards and special item manufacture. Compounds used vary according to the application, load, polluting agents and temperature. What we produce at MGV ranges over many products: bellows, buttons and button covers, spacers, sealing washers, rotary rods and shaft seals, rubber scrapers, diaphragms, membranes, caps, joysticks, pedal covers....just to name a few.

Medical appliance

MGV pays special attention to the medical sector, in particular we are experts in rubber products used in sterilization. The compound that we use the most is silicone VMQ (with varying degrees of hardness) and HT. Commonly manufactured products for the medical sector include cable guides, axial seals including V-Rings, seals, frames, plugs and buttons.

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